The Real Estate Business is a SERVICE Business

Good Service is Everything! I am always amazed at how many people I have met in my 40+ years in the Real Estate Business who believe that we actually own the properties we are trying to sell. While it may be true that we do occasionally own some of them, the vast majority of properties being marketed by Realtors are owned by others who have hired our services to market their properties.

Everyone knows good service when they receive it. We return to restaurants where we have received good service and we tell others about it. Personally, I would rather have good service than good food; However, part of good food service is serving good food and most Restaurantsthat give good service serve good food. If I don’t get good service from a business, I won’t bother dealing with them again. Most folks are like that.

Good service means treating clients and/or customers as if they were Celebrities. Looking them in the eye and letting them know that they are important. Never rushing them. Being courteous and considerate. Showing them respect. Listening to what they are saying. Furnishing them with the pertinent information they need to make a decision. Giving them the benefit of our knowledge gained through years of experience. Helping them find what they want instead of what we want for them.

Service with a smile is a good slogan. Good service is delivered with a smile. No one wants to be around a unhappy or pushy salesperson. We should always give the kind of service we ourselves would like to receive.

Good Service is showing clients or customers as many properties that could meet their needs as are available. Good service is being more concerned with filling the needs of others than making a sales commission. Commissions should be earned by good service, not gifted.

Good service brings Repeat Business. Those who give good service will always be busy listing property for owners and selling property to buyers. The Real Estate Business is all about service. If we serve well, we will be successful. If we don’t, we won’t.