What to Look For In A Real Estate Professional

When choosing a Real Estate Professional for help in buyer and/or selling Real Estate, one should look for the same things they would look for in their Doctor, Dentist, Attorney, Stockbroker and Insurance Agent.

Experience: No one would want to go to a Doctor who is inexperienced for fear of not receiving the best health care possible. It should be the same way with choosing a Real Estate Professional.

Ability: One should choose a Real Estate Professional who has the ability to perform. Past success is a good indicator of one’s ability.

Reputation: Real Estate Professionals with good reputations have earned their good reputations over the years by honest and fair dealing with the Public.

Knowledge: The best and most complete knowledge of the Real Estate Market comes from years of experience, through on the job training. Designations look good in ads but do not make a Real Estate Salesman knowledgeable on the wise and proper handling of the many problems that can and do arise in Real Estate Sales.

Full Time or Part Time: Full time Agents are more likely to know the business, whereas part time agents generally don’t depend on the Real Estate Business for their living.

Broker or Salesperson: Generally Brokers should know more about selling Real Estate than Licensed Salespersons. Brokers are required to have at least 3 years experience before becoming a Broker. Often, Licenses Salespersons do know much about the business and just have no desire to become a Broker. I personally know Licensed Salespersons who know as much or more about Real Estate Sales than the Brokers with which they are affiliated.

REALTOR or NON REALTOR: REALTORS operate under a strict Code of Ethics whereas most Non Realtors are not obligated to any code of Ethics. Mostly REALTORS are members of a Multiple Listing Service whereas Non Realtors are seldom in MLS.

Commission Rate Charged: Anyone who wants the best service possible should not try to negotiate down, the commission rate charged by the Real Estate Professional. Real Estate Professionals work to earn a living. Usually a cut commission rate brings less service and discourages the Professional from the beginning of the Listing. A person generally receives what they pay for.

Large Investment: A Real Estate Transaction can involve a great deal of money. Oftentimes, it is one’s largest investment. Competent Real Estate Professionals should be sought after, the same as a competent Doctor, Attorney, Stock Broker, and Insurance Agent. A statistic that may or may not still be correct is that 20% of the Real Estate Professionals sell 80% of the property that is sold in America.

One should be very careful about their choice of a Real Estate Professional. It is an extremely important decision.

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