Section Ten


McCraw Real Estate



The Relocation Director has the responsibility of making sure that every referral receives the best possible service our company can provide.

a) It is extremely important that an assigned referral receives immediate and top priority. The sales associate assigned a referral must be ready, willing and able to devote the necessary effort for a closed transaction. If we, as a company fall short of our responsibility to the referring agency neglect our duties of servicing either buyer or seller, that agency may not consider sending us any further referrals.

b) In addition to providing service to the clients, the referral network adds additional income to you and our company, and is an excellent source of future listings and sales.


The Relocation Department coordinates all incoming and outgoing referral clients to insure the best possible service: to instigate corporate transfers for those agents qualified to work with referrals: to promote the services of McCraw Real Estate for the benefit of all its associates.

a) RELOCATION DIRECTORS RESPONSIBILITY: The Relocation Department will assign referrals to associates who meet McCraw Real Estate criteria. Sales associates are to notify the Relocation Department of ALL referrals received from ALL real estate broker firms and ALL other sources of referral calls.

b) AGENT QUALIFICATIONS: All agents must meet our qualifications and remain eligible for the program where a fee is to be paid. This includes a minimum of 10 closed sales and 3 outbound referrals per year.

c) ASSIGNMENT OF REFERRALS: Since referrals are our office farm, the Relocation Department will use its discretion in placing the referral. Any time service is not being met according to the agreed commitment to office standards, the Relocation Department reserves the right to re-assign, without obligation to the original associate.

d) When a call comes into the office from another Broker with a referral, the secretary or associate taking the call will forward that call to the Relocation Department. If the Relocation Director is unavailable a message is to be taken and immediately turned in to the Broker. If the call came to the associate as a personal referral it will stay with the agent unless it is determined that the situation is not in the client’s best interest,

e) The attached criteria for sales associates to be eligible for incoming referrals will be the means of consideration for assignment. These criteria have been developed in an effort to strive for experienced, professional, productive, committed, and positive agents to work with relocation clients.


a) Department to be staffed by the Director, who has the responsibility of insuring excellence of service to all incoming and outgoing referral clients to provide timely accurate updates to all agents and companies and to maintain proper records and follow-up contact with both clients and agents.

b) Responsibility as Director may include the responsibility of working with corporations and other companies whose transactions will flow through the Relocation Department.

c) The Director attends classes and seminars required to maintain our designations and will attend conferences, etc. as requested by McCraw Real Estate, to keep abreast of the latest techniques in relocation and to make them available to our agents, as well as attend functions to promote a high profile and for networking purposes.


CRITERIA – These are standards that are to be maintained by our relocation agents.


1. Must be an active associate, with regular attendance at sales meetings.

2, Must have completed appropriate relocation training or have this requirement waived by the Relocation Director/Broker.

3. Must be able to use the appropriate Relocation forms (as needed).

4. Must be willing to give rental assistance (as legally allowed) .

5. Must maintain professional business image – first impressions are lasting and important.

6. Must be committed to servicing referrals with a positive and cooperative attitude. This may be on very short notice and on weekends if necessary.

7. Must regularly tour office inventory.

8. Must be willing to give area tours to prospective transferees.

9. Must be willing to give no-obligation market analysis for a seller (as needed).

10. Must be willing to complete all paperwork as required by corporations and/or relocation department.

11. Inbound referrals are matched as closely as possible to an agent by personality, service area, expertise in applicable marketplace.

a. Dress in professional business attire.
b. Have a clean car inside and out.
c. Have a positive and cooperative attitude.

12. There will be special merit given to those agents who support the referral program by sending outbound referrals (as that is one of our major sources for receiving inbound referrals) and are willing to have a general cooperative spirit to offer SERVICE to our relocating clients and GO THE EXTRA MILE.